Cognitive Stimulation Vol. 10

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Volume 10:

Behavior Management Strategies to Reduce Unwanted Behaviors Among People with Dementia

People who work with or care for individuals with dementia or cognitive impairment need as many tools as possible when it comes to reducing unwanted behaviors commonly seen in people who have dementia. This video will help people learn many approaches to reducing unwanted behaviors, without using pharmaceuticals. The common trajectories of memory and other cognitive changes will also be discussed with descriptions of what to expect and why. Using the knowledge of these cognitive and behavioral changes, many techniques will be offered for preventing and responding to emotional outbursts and behavioral problems (e.g., redirection, knowing the person, identifying the cause of unwanted behaviors and more). In addition, people will learn how to engage individuals in activities designed to exercise attention and the ability to inhibit or not engage in maladaptive behaviors and emotional outbursts.

Learning Goals:

1. Be able to describe retrogenesis and how it can be used to reduce unwanted behaviors and refocus attention.

2. Be able to recognize the common trajectories of cognitive changes in dementia.

3. Be able to describe several techniques to manage emotional outbursts from people with dementia.

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