Cognitive Stimulation Vol. 03

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Volume 3: How the Brain Makes Memories, Controls Behavior, and is Related to Many Common Problem Behaviors

In this presentation, you will learn how the various lobes of the brain help control mental processes. In particular the role of attention and concentration (i.e., executive functioning) in the lives of aging adults will be discussed. Also, valuable information about enhancing executive functioning in order to maximize quality of life, in people who already have memory impairment, will be discussed.

Learning Objectives

  1. Be able to help people with memory impairment process information at a deeper level in order to encode new memories.
  2. Be able to describe what lobes of the brain handle basic cognitive functions (e.g., attention, language, vision, and planning).
  3. Be able to describe different behaviors and interventions that can improve executive functioning (i.e., attention, inhibition, and planning).

DVDs have been discontinued. This updated video is now available on the course test page.

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