Cognitive Stimulation Vol. 01

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Volume 1: Use It or Lose It: Evidence and Ideas for Cognitive Stimulation Programs

In this presentation, you will learn about the latest research on the use it or lose it theory and why cognitive stimulation is associated with improved mental functioning and a decreased chance of developing dementia. In addition, a holistic approach to brain health is introduced. Many practical suggestions for cognitively stimulating activities are presented.

Learning Objectives

1. Be able to list many modifiable lifestyle behaviors that are associated with memory ability in older adulthood.

2. Be able to describe how the Reserve Hypothesis can explain the observations that people who are more cognitively active are less likely to show symptoms of memory impairment.

3. Be able to name and describe many different cognitively stimulating activities that middle age and older adults can do to stay cognitively active.

DVDs have been discontinued. This updated video is now available on the course test page.

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