Cognitive Stimulation Vol. 11

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Volume 11:

iPads to Paper and Pencil: Many, Many Ideas and Ready-to-Use Resources for Cognitive Stimulation Programs

In this video, people will receive many ideas for new and targeted cognitive stimulations activities. In addition, we will share ideas about how to use the available apps for tablets (e.g., iPads) to supplement a high quality program. Attendees will get many ideas and resources they can use to help people exercise attention, concentration, inhibition, word fluency, and spatial abilities. Moreover, people will learn more about what part of the brain is exercised with each type of activity, so as to help create more effective and well-rounded programs. Finally we will discuss best practices regarding how to deliver cognitive stimulation programs, such as how often and how long the classes should be. Attendees will walk away with a wealth of new ideas that can be used to start or reinvigorate a cognitive and brain exercise program.

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will learn about the latest research on cognitive stimulation for older adults.

2. Participants will learn how to use readily available apps to deliver cognitive stimulation programs on tablet PCs (e.g., iPads).

3. Participants will learn what part (or parts) of the brain is exercised with common

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