Illuminating Hearts

A Project Celebrating Senior Living Activity Professionals

Help to shine a bright light on your heartfelt stories of dedication, passion, and compassion that illuminate the lives of our aging loved ones in your senior living community.

Tales of Purpose and Compassion

Share Your Stories and Illuminate the Profession

Welcome to “Illuminating Hearts,” a joint project by Activity Connection and the National Association of Activity Professionals NAAP, celebrating the impactful work of activity professionals in senior living. Join us on this inspiring journey as we highlight the positive influence activity professionals have on seniors’ lives. Through their dedication, creativity, and commitment, activity professionals enhance senior living. By sharing their stories, we aim to elevate the profession, increasing support for daily life enrichment activities in senior living.

Illuminating Hearts Project Objectives

Inspire and Empower Senior Living Life Enrichment Staff

Illuminating Hearts will delve into authentic accounts of personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs that inspire and empower activity professionals to make a positive difference every day. We invite you to become a part of the story by sharing yours.

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Recognition and Appreciation for This Undervalued Profession

This resource will reveal the invaluable contributions of activity professionals. Join us in sharing stories of these contributions that express heartfelt appreciation for the profound impact they have on seniors, families, and communities.

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Activity professionals are the heart and soul of senior living communities. Every day, they bring warmth, joy, and purpose to the lives of our beloved seniors.

Their dedication and creativity shine as they craft activities that not only engage but also enrich the lives of residents. These professionals are the storytellers, the artists, and the companions who ensure that every moment in a senior’s life is meaningful.

Please share your stories

Community Building

By sharing your stories, this resource will become a part of our already vibrant community of activity professionals, fostering networking, collaboration, and the exchange of best practices.

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Educational Resource

Illuminating Hearts will offer insights into the significance of activities in senior living settings and the positive impact they have on seniors’ physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being.

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Support for Activity Professionals

Through our efforts, activity professionals will discover how Activity Connection and NAAP actively support and advocate for activity professionals, reinforcing our mutual commitment to enhancing senior care.

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Join the Project by Sharing Your Story

While we can’t promise all submissions will be used in the final resource, we invite you to join the project by sharing your stories and stories of other activity professionals on your life enrichment teams going above and beyond to ensure those they care for experience joy, engagement and a sense of purpose each day.

Share Your Stories