Imagination Builds Brains and Relationships

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Many people have a tendency to think creative people are artists, novelists, dancers, playwrights, and inventors—people who have skills they lack. Yet we all create our lives every day; what we lack is not imagination, but motivation. It’s often easier to follow routines than to approach the day with playfulness and think:

  • How can I look at today differently?
  • What if I saw everything I do today with fresh, “beginner” eyes, as if I had never seen or done any of these things before?
  • How can I make the day more interesting?
  • What if…?

This course covers:

  • Why imagination is important
  • Imagination’s connection to creativity – there’s no single right answer
  • How to encourage the new connections imagination sparks, in part by using humor
  • How to turn reminiscence and preference questions into imaginative dialogue
  • Numerous activity exercises that encourage imagination for building brain connections and stronger relationships

This course has been pre-approved by the NCCAP.

4 CEUs