The Sensational 1960s – Part 1

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We are pleased to offer the first two courses on The Sensational 1960s. The third course will be available soon. We are not aware of a better resource for activity directors who would like to gain an understanding of the “sixties experience.” The courses are loaded with ideas for fun activities and we hope you enjoy them.

The range of potential programming material from the 1960s is enormous. The Sensational 1960s, Part 1 covers television and movies. The people you serve are getting older.

  • People now in their 70s were born between 1940 and 1949, which means the 1960s were their growing up years.
  • People now in their 80s were born between 1930 and 1939, which means that in the 1960s, they were likely raising young children.

Older adults are likely to have strong memories of them television and movies from this era. We are deliberately focusing on these relatively non-controversial areas because it is our goal with this course to conjure up pleasant memories, not generate anxiety.

This course covers many of the popular movies and TV shows and demonstrates a variety of ways to present information through trivia quizzes involving matches between actors and movies, movies and songs, and little-known facts about the stories or actors. We also suggest ideas for leading discussions on preferred movie and TV shows and actors.

This course has been pre-approved by the NCCAP.

4 CEUs