The Sensational 1960s – Part 2

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We are pleased to offer the first two courses on The Sensational 1960s. The third course will be available soon. We are not aware of a better resource for activity directors who would like to gain an understanding of the “sixties experience.” The courses are loaded with ideas for fun activities and we hope you enjoy them.

The range of potential programming material from the 1960s is enormous. The Sensational 1960s, Part 2 covers music and books. We are deliberately focusing on these relatively non-controversial areas because it is our goal with this course to conjure up pleasant memories, not generate anxiety. Music therapists say that we are most influenced by and most nostalgic about the music that was popular when we first fell in love—usually music from our teenage years or early 20s. We will explore genres, such as, surf, folk, roots, hard rock, and Motown music. Here’s more of what you can expect in Part 2:

  • A very brief overview of the political situation/history of the 1960s and why we’re not dwelling on it
  • The range of musical styles and some of the musical stars of the1960s
  • Famous books and authors from the decade
  • The variety of ways you can use 1960s themes for quality programming

Here are a few of the ideas of the ideas suggested for using information on books:

  • Create a trivia quiz matching author to book title.
  • Start a book club using some of these books as a starting point.
  • Quite a few of these novels were made into movies, do a book/movie comparison.
  • Match the quotation to its author.
  • Do the same with famous lines from the books—match the line to the author.
  • Create an author word search or crossword puzzle.
  • Put some famous titles in “Wheel of Fortune” format.

This course has been pre-approved by the NCCAP.

4 CEUs