Junk Drawer Detectives

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These 3 FREE puzzles for seniors are a sample taken from our Junk Drawer Detectives Vol. 1 product. Junk Drawer Detectives puzzles are wonderful activities for seniors. These puzzles feature bright and lively original photos, followed by an easy-to-read list of items to search for.

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Download these free puzzles for seniors as part of your strategy to support healthy brain function for the older adult(s) you care for. Not only are these free puzzle activities for seniors entertaining, Junk Drawer Detective puzzles exercise the frontal lobe of the brain. This is proven to improve areas of brain function to support:

  • attention
  • concentration
  • executive functioning

Supporting various areas of brain function, also known as cognitive stimulation, is proven to enhance quality of life for older adults. Junk Drawer Detectives can be printed to use at your convenience. Also, you can view them on your computer, or display them on your television screen.

NOTE: AC Freebees are entirely free, complimentary activities for seniors handcrafted by our team of content creators, who also develop over 400 new programs and resources monthly for senior living life enrichment. Use of this product is intended solely for the original downloading entity and/or facility. The original downloading entity is permitted to freely share and print this product within their organization. Any unauthorized distribution or sharing of this material with for-profit entities, including offering it as a free download within their systems, is strictly prohibited under U.S. Copyright Law. Thank you for respecting copyright regulations.