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Enjoy free, joyful activities for seniors and resources for activity professionals.

Junk Drawer Detectives

AC Freebees | Free Puzzles

These 3 FREE puzzles for seniors are a sample taken from our Junk Drawer Detectives Vol. 1 product. Junk Drawer Detectives puzzles are wonderful activities for seniors. These puzzles feature bright and lively original photos, followed by an easy-to-read list of items to search for.

May 2024 Content Sample

AC Freebees | Free Activity Packs

This FREE activity pack includes sample content taken from our May, 2024 release. Featuring activities for seniors and resources for activity professionals and senior caregivers, this activity pack includes puzzles, coloring activities, trivia, crafts, design templates and more!

Print Services Sample Pack

Free Print Sample | AC Freebees

Discover the superior quality of our printed materials by ordering your FREE Print Services Sample Pack! Each printed sample showcases the commitment of Activity Connection Print Services to high-quality printing, demonstrating the richness of colors and the crispness of text on premium paper stocks.

Printable Bingo Cards Double Card Design

AC Freebees | Free Printable Bingo Cards

Step up your bingo game with our set of 30 FREE printable bingo cards featuring two cards per sheet for double the challenge. Ideal for seasoned players seeking a more engaging experience, these sheets allow enthusiasts to simultaneously manage two cards, adding excitement to every round.

Printable Bingo Cards Easier Design

AC Freebees | Free Printable Bingo Cards

Access our set of 30 FREE printable bingo cards, designed for clarity with numbers arranged chronologically down each column, like 4, 7, 11. Ideal for young players or those with cognitive impairments, these cards simplify gameplay and enhance enjoyment.

Printable Bingo Cards Easiest Design

AC Freebees | Free Printable Bingo Cards

Enhance your game night with our set of 25 free printable bingo cards, designed for simplicity and accessibility. Each card features consecutive numbers down each column (e.g., B1, B2, B3, B4, B5), making it especially easy for cognitively impaired or very young players to follow along.

Printable Bingo Cards Traditional Design

Free Printable Bingo Cards | AC Freebees

Grab our FREE set of 75 traditional printable bingo cards, perfectly sized at 8.5" x 11" for easy reading. Each unique card allows up to 75 players to join the fun simultaneously.