Becoming an Effective Discussion Leader: Part 2

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In part 2, we are going to be talking about a variety of discussion groups and providing facilitation tips for each.  The primary purpose of some groups is to test your knowledge or learn something new. A trivia quiz group, for example, asks concrete questions that have single right answers. “Who were the stars of the movie ‘Sound of Music’?”

Many groups combine learning and discussion. A discussion group based on’s Front Porch Travels is likely to begin with reading about the location for that month, but eventually it gets down to experience and opinion questions:

  • Have you ever visited here?
  • What was it like?  Talk about your experience.
  • Would you go back, if you could?
  • If you haven’t been there, is it a place you would like to visit?
  • Have you ever visited someplace similar?

Most discussions begin with a topics that seems worthy of being discussed, a brief presentation about that topic, and an opportunity to react to the topic or share one’s own experiences.

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