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Comprehensive guidance and frequently asked questions on managing your account,
membership details, print services information, and accessing purchased courses.


Updating your account information

  1. Log in to Activity Connection.
  2. Click on Account in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Account Details.
  4. Under Account you can update your name and email, as well as password.
  5. Click Payment to update your payment information.
  6. Click Addresses to adjust your billing and shipping addresses.
  7. Click Subscriptions to view your subscription information.

Bingo Caller

Sound not playing on iPad or iOS

Sounds on some sites, like the Bingo Caller are not treated like music or YouTube audio.

Rather, they are treated like the clicking of typing and touch navigation.

  1. Navigate to your iPad/iOS System Settings
  2. Select Sounds
  3. Ensure Silent Mode toggled into the OFF state (gray)

Calendar Builder

Creating a new calendar in Calendar Builder

  1. Log into your account and open Calendar Builder from the menu on the left. It will open in a new tab.
  2. On the Calendar Builder tab, click the orange New Calendar button.
  3. In the Create Calendar dialog box, type in a name for your calendar. Only use letters, numbers, or spaces. Do not use any special characters or punctuation.
  4. Select the Month and Year for your calendar. Additional options will appear.
  5. Put a dot in the radio button next to Start with an Activity Connection template. More options will appear.
  6. Under After that, choose the layout, paper size, and orientation, click on your preferred Layout option and Paper size and orientation. The selections will turn turquoise when you select them.
  7. Last, select which template to apply by clicking ‘Create’ becomes available. Find the calendar template that best fits your needs. You will see the orange Create button when you hover over your preferred template.
  8. Click the button and your calendar template will be ready for you to build your customized calendar.
How do I add my own images to my calendar?

  1. Click on the day in your calendar that you want to add your own image to. There is a limit of one image for each day.
  2. In the menu, click on the image icon. It looks like a picture of a mountain and sun. It is to the right of the word “Transparency” and left of the dotted box. Do not click on the picture next to the word “Background.”
  3. In the menu that appears click on the word “Choose” under “Insert Image.”
  4. When the Image Library appears, you can go to step 7 to add any of the preloaded images to your calendar from the library or go to step 5 to add your own pictures. Remember if you add your own images, there is not currently a way to remove them, so do be careful about what you add.
  5. Click the Upload tab to add your own images.
  6. In the upload menu, you can either drag your image into the dotted box or click and browse to add the image. When you have located your image, you can either click to add the image, then open or you can double-click the image to add it to the Library.
  7. Select your image, then click insert.
  8. If your image does not fit properly or is larger or smaller than you want, you can size and location on the day by selecting one of the options under Image Fit.
    1. Horizontal, Vertical, and Fill impact how the image fills the day
    2. Image Size lets you make the image larger or smaller
    3. Image position lets you place the image in the day.
    4. Transparency lets you control how dark or see-through your image is.
  9. Click close when you have completed your selections.
  10. If the image does not look like what you want, simply reopen the image icon, and your adjustments.
  11. If you decide to remove the image, open the image icon again and select “Remove” beneath “Choose.”
Can I work on my calendars offline?

Your calendars are stored online in the cloud and are not available unless you are logged into Actvity Connecton. The advantage to this is that you can work on your calendar any where you can log into your Acivity Connecton account without having to worry about version conflicts, emailing yourself your calendar, or not having the right sotware to use the calendar.

If you want to make notes about changes, you can always download a PDF copy and print it out. The PDFs are also handy for sending to colleagues as you can guarantee that they will be able to view the calendar if they have a PDF reader on their devices.

Adding and Removing Holidays in Calendar Builder

One of the unique and special features in Calendar Builder is the ability to add and remove Holidays. It’s a great way to add holidays important to your residents, special events, or even birthdays to your customized calendar.

  1. With your calendar open in Calendar Builder, click on the day that you want to add or remove a holiday.
  2. Click the down arrow next to the word Holiday in the menu. Holiday is the last item just before Help.
  3. If the dropdown dialog box that appears has the name of a holiday, you can remove the existing holiday by deleting its name.
  4. If you want to add a holiday, click Add Additional Holiday and type in the name of the holiday or special event.
  5. Multiple items will appear in the same order as they are shown in the dialog box. You can change the order of the items by simply changing the contents of the text boxes.
  6. Click back in the calendar to save your changes.
Duplicating your calendar

One of the powerful features of Calendar Builder is Duplicate Calendar. This time-saving tool is the answer to many needs such as “I need a different template for my calendar”, “I made my background disappear”, and “I want to copy my calendar to the next month”.

  1. If you are in the Calendar Builder start-up screen, hover your mouse over the three horizontal dots in the upper corner of the calendar you want to rollover, then select Duplicate from the drop-down menu. If the calendar is already open, click on File in the upper left corner just under the Activity Connection icon.
  2. A dialog box will appear. It should look familiar as it is very similar to the New Calendar dialog you use to create a new calendar.
  3. Give your calendar a name. It cannot be the same name as the calendar that you are duplicating from.
  4. The dialog box will appear, populated with the layout options and paper size and orientation of the original calendar. Verify that these options are still what you want.
  5. Select your preferred template and click the Create button and your calendar will appear.
  6. Please note that Holidays and images you added will not duplicate over and if you are changing sizes or months, you may need to make changes in your text to make them fit properly.


Accessing your purchased courses

  1. Login to Activity Connection.
  2. Click on Account in the upper right corner.
  3. Under My Purchases, click Courses.
  4. From here you can download the course materials or launch the test


Purchasing a Membership

  1. Log in to Activity Connection.
  2. Under Marketplace, click All Products
  3. Click Memberships in expanded menu.
  4. Decide on the Membership plan best suited to your budget or preferred payment schedule.
  5. Click the Add to Cart icon on the chosen Membership (or click Sign Up Now from within the product page).
  6. Click on the Shopping Cart in the upper right-hand corner of your browser.
  7. Make sure My Cart shows the correct Membership length
  8. Scroll down to Cart Totals.
  9. Click the Proceed to Check out Button.
  10. Fill out the Billing details, ensuring they match the billing name and address associated with the payment method you are using.
  11. Scroll down and enter the payment method information.
  12. Read Terms and Conditions and click the check box when completed.
  13. Click on the Recaptcha check box indicating that you are a human user
  14. Click the Place Order button in the bottom right.
How to cancel automatic renewal

  1. Log in to Activity Connection.
  2. Click on Account in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Account Details.
  4. Under My Details, click Payment.
  5. Remove your stored payment card to discontinue automatic renewal of your membership. Your subscription will continue until its end date.
How to cancel your subscription

  1. Log in to Activity Connection.
  2. Click on Account in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Account Details.
  4. Under My Details, click Subscriptions.
  5. Click on your subscription number.
  6. Click the Cancel button.

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