Word Puzzles Vol. 1

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Want a change from traditional word games? Looking for a new challenge? These 25 word puzzles will flex your brain in new ways. There are three types of puzzles. In Common Endings, three words are listed, and you have to figure out a fourth word that can be added to the end of all three. Double Trouble consists of lists of two words with a space between them. You add a word to the middle that makes sense both as an ending for the first word and a beginning for the second word. Word Pyramids offers clues to help you make a pyramid of letters that, if done correctly, spell out words. The 45-page digital download offers hours of puzzle-doing. All the puzzles require looking at words in new ways, utilizing logic, language, and creativity.

Contains 4 Common Ending, 8 Double Trouble, and 13 Word Pyramid puzzles.

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