School Daze

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This slide show varies somewhat from the others because it emphasizes reminiscence and student bloopers – lots of funny word games, but no trivia quizzes. It’s a chance to stir up fond memories and laugh at mistakes, not to test your residual knowledge of geometry.

  • The reminiscence/discussion topics include elementary school memories, rules for teachers, influential teachers, high school and/or college years, and retro romance (reunion connections).
  • The 6 word games include definitions made up by young children, Grammar for Grins, complicated proverbs, and three variations on student misunderstandings needing correction.

For fun with specific subjects, check out Literature Lite and Nimble Numbers. And there’s plenty of biology in Animal Antics, Bird Brains, Bees and Butterflies and In the Garden. Coming soon: slide shows on geography and foreign languages.

106 Slides

NOTE: Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to provide refunds on digital downloads.