What’s Left? Holidays & Seasons

$9.95  USD

If you enjoy Activity Connection’s elimination quizzes in which you cross out words on a grid according to the clues given, thus revealing a funny or inspiring quote with the leftover words, you will love this What’s Left? book. Inside are 26 word puzzles including four for the seasons and 22 for holidays ranging from the common (Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day) to the less so (Australia Day, Chinese New Year). Each time you cross out the words related to the clues, you will be delighted by the quote that remains.

Answers always follow on the next page. All puzzles are different from those offered through Activity Connection subscriptions. These are great for group or individual activities or for families to do with their loved one when they visit. Use them to stretch your wordplay imagination, remind yourself of the joys of holidays and seasons, and meet some interesting, quotable people along the way.

This e-book is 53 pages

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