The Fascinating 1970s – Part 1

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The Fascinating 1970s, Part 1 covers television; Part 2 takes on movies and books; and Part 3 looks at music and lightly covers cars, sports, fads, fashions, and furnishings. Here’s what you can expect in Part 1:

  • A very brief overview of the American political situation/history of the 1970s and why we’re not dwelling on it
  • The range of TV programming and some of its celebrities in the 1970s
  • The variety of ways you can use 1970s TV for quality programming
  • A brief summary of adaptations for people living with dementia

The purpose of this course, which covers more than 75 TV programs, is to foster discussions that help participants find common ground with one another, to talk about the experiences and shared values that shaped their lives. Pleasant memories can be an entry point into a deeper discussion of who they are and what has made their lives meaningful.

This course has been pre-approved by the NCCAP.

4 CEUs