Hosting Special Events

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Throughout this webinar we have used the example of an Oktoberfest celebration to illustrate our points about a special event. But the knowledge gained during the webinar can be used to successfully organize events celebrating a wide variety of themes.

Planning an event begins with choosing one:

  • Especially if you are new at this, pick an event for which entertainment, activities, and decorations are readily available.
  • Choose one that residents and staff are enthusiastic about, rather than one you have to convince them to embrace. (Perhaps let them choose from 3?)
  • Choose one that you can do within a manageable budget.
  • Get as many people as possible fired up and involved months in advance, even helping to choose a name.

Remember, the more you involve other people, the more responsibility they are likely to take for making your events successful, and the more pleased and enthusiastic they are likely to be with what is offered.

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