Helping Hands – Residents as Volunteers

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The Activity Connection course “Vibrant, Viable, Versatile Volunteers” describes how to plan for, train, recruit, use, and recognize volunteers, but only briefly mentions using the residents in your care communities and participants in your day centers as volunteers. This course expands on that potential. For the most part, this course does not repeat the material mentioned above. Therefore, we recommend that the two courses be taken together in order to cover key components such as training and recognition in greater detail.

  • The benefits of volunteering
  • How to choose volunteer projects with residents
  • Considerations for people with dementia or other frailties
  • A range of volunteer projects and opportunities
  • How to enhance each experience
  • Evaluating and revising your volunteer programming
  • Resources

This course has been pre-approved by the NCCAP.

4 CEUs