1 Month Membership

$23.05  USD / month

The best value in senior living activities, priced to leave no community behind. Experience why Activity Connection is utilized as the foundation for life enrichment programming in nearly 20,000 senior living communities.



Experience unparalleled life enrichment for seniors with our 1 Month Activity Connection Membership. Gain access to over 400 fresh and engaging activities, programs and resources every month, designed to enhance the lives of seniors and reduce stress for activity professionals and senior caregivers alike. Our membership offers the most diverse, highest quality life enrichment programming in the industry.

Activity Connection Programs Are:

  • designed for senior living, perfect for home care
  • complete and ready-to-go
  • designed with several options for each activity
  • easy and rewarding to present
  • volunteer and care staff ready
  • interesting and thought-provoking
  • up-to-date and forward-looking
  • adult and sophisticated
  • entertaining, enjoyable, and sprinkled with lots of humor

Activity Connection Memberships Provide:

  • access to more than 400 fresh, original activities, programs and resources monthly
  • access to five months of programming at once
  • nearly 40 categories of content
  • Calendar Builder web-based calendar design software
  • Bingo Caller web-based bingo
  • access to print services, the nation-wide choice for senior living printing
  • access to the largest, most active forum for activity professional guidance in the senior living industry

Whether you’re looking to try out our services or need short-term engagement solution, our 1 Month Activity Connection Membership is perfect for you. Join today and discover why our activities are the best in the field.