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November Word Puzzles

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle
To decode, unscramble, and solve?
Well, here you will find
Puzzles of every kind,
Just waiting for you to resolve.

Each puzzle is a Careful Connection Activity.

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Tip for Solving Puzzles as a Group Activity

Many of the puzzles are in landscape format and can be shown on a widescreen TV. (If you are unsure how to do this, please see this useful guide for instructions.)

To actually solve a puzzle on a widescreen TV, here are a couple of options:

  • Connect an iPad to a widescreen TV and use a PDF-editing app to write on the puzzle on the iPad. A mirror image of the puzzle will be shown on the television.
  • Connect an iPad to a projector and project the puzzle onto a whiteboard. Use a marker to write on the projected puzzle for everyone to see!

Crossword #11 – New!

November IQ – a quiz about the month

Famous November Birthdays – word search

Searching for November – word search

Grace Kelly – word search

Tasty Tuna Sandwich – word search

Take the Cake – word search/fill-in-the-blank

Memorabilia – crossword

Soap Opera – crossword

Running a Marathon – word fit

Spelling Day of the Dead – a different kind of crossword

BRAND Categories – category puzzle

GIRLS Categories – category puzzle

Name the State – fill-in-the-blank

A Punny Secret Quote – word elimination

Mixed-Up Air and Flight – word unscramble

Things Found in an Office Scrabble – word building

A-Mazing Easy-Bake Oven – maze

A-Mazing Wizard of Oz – challenging maze

Fast-Food Logos – image pick

Monthly Theme Puzzles

Navigating New England – word search

New England – crossword

Eminent New Englanders – matching puzzle

New England Secret Quote – word elimination

Martha’s Vineyard Mining – word mining

Español Puzzles

Tome el Pastel – word search/fill-in-the-blank
(Take The Cake)

Sándwich de Atún Sabroso – word search
(Tasty Tuna Sandwich)

Cosas Memorables – crossword

Mezcla de Aire y Vuelo – matching puzzle
(Mixed-Up Air and Flight)

Logotipos de Comida Rápida – image pick
(Fast-Food Logos)