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Monthly Theme – A New England November

We’re traveling to an area known for its fall foliage season—New England, in celebration of Abigail Adams’ birthday (Nov. 11), Geography Awareness Week (Nov. 14–18), and Thanksgiving (Nov. 24). In addition, many authors hail from New England, and National Author’s Day (Nov. 1) is another reason to highlight the region. Fall foliage, flint corn, and wicked fun—it’s a New England November.

Begin with the Theme Title

Besides “A New England November,” some other ideas are:

  • New England in November
  • November in New England
  • A November New England Getaway
  • November in the Land of Fall Foliage
Design a Special Sign

We offer two signs to help you advertise all your theme-related activities this month. Open one of the files, type in your information, and print.

Select an image that illustrates the theme and make your own signs and theme-related announcements. A Welcome to New England sign or a loon are good options.

Download the images on this page. Go to the Clip Art page for even more theme-related images.

Note: Click on the images on this page for a larger version to download.

Build Your Month Around the Theme

Begin by visiting our Decorating page, where you will find special bulletin board borders and suggestions for decorating your board. 

Use the special theme calendar on the Calendars page to make your calendars this month.

Finally, visit these pages on the site for theme-based programs:

  • Crafts – Make Flint Corn Napkin Rings for place settings.
  • Games – Play a game of East or West—Can You Guess? or Tabletop Skittles.
  • Foods & Cooking – Learn about the origin of Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies with our Food for Thought – Ruth Wakefield and the Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie.
  • Exercise & Wellness – Set up New England Exercise Stations.
  • Lifelong Learning – Learn and discuss Eminent New Englanders.
  • Men’s Programs – Test your knowledge with some Revolutionary War Trivia.
  • Music – The Fiddle Hell Massachusetts Festival is a yearly festival. In celebration, enjoy Fiddling Around with the Fiddle.
  • Parties – Louisa May Alcott and Stephen King are New Englanders, so throw Little Women Cozy-Book Exchange and a Stephen King Social this month.
  • Plants & Animals – Learn about Flint Corn: Pretty and Popping.
  • Puzzles – Enjoy a variety of theme-related puzzles.
  • Travelogue – Join the Front Porch Travelers in Navigating New England.
  • Trivia – Test your knowledge with our New England Trivia.
  • Who, What, Where, When? – Keep everybody engaged by trying to guess Louisa May Alcott from the clues given.
  • Visit the Clip Art page, where you will always find images related to our monthly theme.
Select Another Theme

Note: You can enjoy all our New England-related activities even if you decide on another overall monthly theme. Use them to supplement your programming.

If you decide not to go with our special theme, there are many other ideas to work with this month. See the Veterans Day/Remembrance Day and Thanksgiving Day pages for more ideas (holidays are available with Activity Connection Premium Membership). To develop your own monthly theme or mini-theme, check out Monthly Events and Special Days to spark your creativity.

We hope you have wicked fun with our November programs!