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The Loaner Car

Marvin’s car, a practical sedan, needs servicing. The mechanic loans him a vehicle to use in the meantime. It’s a bright red convertible sports car. Should Marvin be thrilled or horrified?

There are three different options for presenting the story.

  1. Read the short story aloud to the group. In this case:
    • Download and print the leader’s copy of the story with tips, discussion questions, and pictures to display.
    • Distribute large-print copies of just the story for people to follow along or read aloud.
    • Use the discussion starters at the end to get a conversation going.
  2. Show a slideshow presentation of the story.
    • In this case, download the PDF slide presentation and read along as you scroll from slide to slide. Show it on your widescreen TV.
  3. Play the video presentation of the short story: – Available with Free Account Signup

    In this case, click play and listen to the story being read as the slideshow automatically advances. View fullscreen for an optimized experience.

Download everything you need for the program.

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