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November 2022 Daily Chronicles

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See The Monthly Gazette for a mini publication filled with facts and trivia about the month.

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Download and print a Daily Chronicle for every day of the month. Each one looks like a mini newspaper, with a quote of the day, historical happenings, famous birthdays, trivia, and other fun facts. See Ideas & Uses.

Click on the images to see the first page of the US Daily Chronicle and Daily chronicle EXTRA!

US Version

Canadian Version

Daily chronicle EXTRA!


Canadian + EXTRA!


EXTRA! Spanish Version

Spanish + EXTRA!


Ideas & Uses
  1. Add something to the back. Add your daily activity schedule, birthdays, and special announcements to the back of the Daily Chronicles for a two-sided handout. Go to our Signs page for a daily sign—one for every day of the month. Select from two different options—Adobe PDF and MS Word. Swipe and paste the day’s activities from your calendar or type announcements or other information on the sign. Print the sign on the back of your Daily Chronicles.
  2. Make a copy and post it on your bulletin board every morning. It will encourage people to stop by and see what’s happening for the day.
  3. Put a copy in a Plexiglas frame and stand it in the lobby for guests and family members to enjoy.
  4. Place a copy on each breakfast table. It will get everyone talking in the morning.
  5. Give a copy of the Daily Chronicle to care staff, office staff, etc. to use as “conversation starters” with residents/clients.
  6. Put a copy on your one-to-one cart.
  7. Use the trivia, riddles, fun facts, etc. to make up your own trivia games.
  8. Read and discuss the Daily Chronicle during your morning news group. Reminisce about the events of the past and compare them to today’s events.
  9. Read the “On This Date” section and ask everyone to guess the year. Then, reminisce about other events that happened that same year.
  10. Plan a “thoughtful” discussion with all of the “Thoughts of the Day.” Read the quotes, talk about their meanings, and discuss the authors.
  11. Use the quotes of the day to play a game of “Who Said So?” See if your group can identify the author of the quote.
  12. Use the birthdays of famous movie stars to help you plan your monthly movies. Share the information about the star before the movie begins.
  13. If you are having trouble thinking of something new to put on your monthly calendar, the birthdays and past events listed on the Daily Chronicles can give you some ideas.
  14. What happened on your birthday? Make a copy of the Daily Chronicle for your birthday folks. Fold it and insert it into their birthday card.
  15. Use the information on the Daily Chronicles for articles and fillers for your monthly newsletter.