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Where In The World? (Island Edition)

Ditch the jet lag and enjoy an engaging trip to seven island destinations. There is one catch: The locations of the seven islands are mysteries for the viewers to solve. Don’t worry; you’ll get plenty of clues and photographs to help you navigate the globe and gradually orient yourself. Discussion questions encourage participants to share their travel stories and experiences. This activity offers something for everyone. No passport required!

Please, take a moment to contact us with your comments or suggestions. Enjoy!

Tips for viewing:
  • Cue the video presentation on your computer. (If using an iPad or other device, make sure it has speakers.)
  • Click play to begin the video. You can pause the video at any point to give participants time to ponder or discuss.
  • For a more challenging experience, click pause after the audio sample is played. Give participants a chance to guess the instrument before advancing to the picture clue.