Purchasing a membership

  1. Log in to Activity Connection.
  2. Under Marketplace, click All Products
  3. Click Memberships in expanded menu.
  4. Decide on the Membership plan best suited to your budget or preferred payment schedule.
  5. Click the Add to Cart icon on the chosen Membership (or click Sign Up Now from within the product page).
  6. Click on the Shopping Cart in the upper right-hand corner of your browser.
  7. Make sure My Cart shows the correct Membership length
  8. Scroll down to Cart Totals.
  9. Click the Proceed to Check out Button.
  10. Fill out the Billing details, ensuring they match the billing name and address associated with the payment method you are using.
  11. Scroll down and enter the payment method information.
  12. Read Terms and Conditions and click the check box when completed.
  13. Click on the Recaptcha check box indicating that you are a human user
  14. Click the Place Order button in the bottom right.