How do I add my own images to my calendar?

  1. Click on the day in your calendar that you want to add your own image to. There is a limit of one image for each day.
  2. In the menu, click on the image icon. It looks like a picture of a mountain and sun. It is to the right of the word “Transparency” and left of the dotted box. Do not click on the picture next to the word “Background.”
  3. In the menu that appears click on the word “Choose” under “Insert Image.”
  4. When the Image Library appears, you can go to step 7 to add any of the preloaded images to your calendar from the library or go to step 5 to add your own pictures. Remember if you add your own images, there is not currently a way to remove them, so do be careful about what you add.
  5. Click the Upload tab to add your own images.
  6. In the upload menu, you can either drag your image into the dotted box or click and browse to add the image. When you have located your image, you can either click to add the image, then open or you can double-click the image to add it to the Library.
  7. Select your image, then click insert.
  8. If your image does not fit properly or is larger or smaller than you want, you can size and location on the day by selecting one of the options under Image Fit.
    1. Horizontal, Vertical, and Fill impact how the image fills the day
    2. Image Size lets you make the image larger or smaller
    3. Image position lets you place the image in the day.
    4. Transparency lets you control how dark or see-through your image is.
  9. Click close when you have completed your selections.
  10. If the image does not look like what you want, simply reopen the image icon, and your adjustments.
  11. If you decide to remove the image, open the image icon again and select “Remove” beneath “Choose.”