Duplicating your calendar

One of the powerful features of Calendar Builder is Duplicate Calendar. This time-saving tool is the answer to many needs such as “I need a different template for my calendar”, “I made my background disappear”, and “I want to copy my calendar to the next month”.

  1. If you are in the Calendar Builder start-up screen, hover your mouse over the three horizontal dots in the upper corner of the calendar you want to rollover, then select Duplicate from the drop-down menu. If the calendar is already open, click on File in the upper left corner just under the Activity Connection icon.
  2. A dialog box will appear. It should look familiar as it is very similar to the New Calendar dialog you use to create a new calendar.
  3. Give your calendar a name. It cannot be the same name as the calendar that you are duplicating from.
  4. The dialog box will appear, populated with the layout options and paper size and orientation of the original calendar. Verify that these options are still what you want.
  5. Select your preferred template and click the Create button and your calendar will appear.
  6. Please note that Holidays and images you added will not duplicate over and if you are changing sizes or months, you may need to make changes in your text to make them fit properly.