Creating a new calendar in Calendar Builder

  1. Log into your account and open Calendar Builder from the menu on the left. It will open in a new tab.
  2. On the Calendar Builder tab, click the orange New Calendar button.
  3. In the Create Calendar dialog box, type in a name for your calendar. Only use letters, numbers, or spaces. Do not use any special characters or punctuation.
  4. Select the Month and Year for your calendar. Additional options will appear.
  5. Put a dot in the radio button next to Start with an Activity Connection template. More options will appear.
  6. Under After that, choose the layout, paper size, and orientation, click on your preferred Layout option and Paper size and orientation. The selections will turn turquoise when you select them.
  7. Last, select which template to apply by clicking ‘Create’ becomes available. Find the calendar template that best fits your needs. You will see the orange Create button when you hover over your preferred template.
  8. Click the button and your calendar template will be ready for you to build your customized calendar.