Adding and Removing Holidays in Calendar Builder

One of the unique and special features in Calendar Builder is the ability to add and remove Holidays. It’s a great way to add holidays important to your residents, special events, or even birthdays to your customized calendar.

  1. With your calendar open in Calendar Builder, click on the day that you want to add or remove a holiday.
  2. Click the down arrow next to the word Holiday in the menu. Holiday is the last item just before Help.
  3. If the dropdown dialog box that appears has the name of a holiday, you can remove the existing holiday by deleting its name.
  4. If you want to add a holiday, click Add Additional Holiday and type in the name of the holiday or special event.
  5. Multiple items will appear in the same order as they are shown in the dialog box. You can change the order of the items by simply changing the contents of the text boxes.
  6. Click back in the calendar to save your changes.