Free Forms and Worksheets

Getting to Know You

Comprehensive form for gathering information about a new individual moving into the community. Can be used for all settings (even Independent Living) and levels of care.

Who Goes There?

Useful form to help staff keep track of who goes to which activities.


Special Needs/Precautions List

Use this form to keep track of who needs a special diet, adaptive equipment, reminders, and other needs and precautions.


Activity/Event Requests (Interdepartmental)

Very useful form for communicating activity needs and requests to other departments.

Activity Information Sheet

All of the information a person might need to do an activity, including list of who might attend.

How Did it Go?

Used to evaluate the success of an activity, including a list of who attended and recommendations for improvement.

Record of One-on-One Activities

Useful for tracking one-on-one visits.

Inservice Record Sheet

Record and summary of inservice training, including list of attendees.

Sign Up Sheet

Great for posting on your bulletin board.

Sign Up to Go Sheet

Post on your bulletin board for outings.